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Relax in Zalakaros

in the Veronika Apartment House!

The Pus Family welcomes their guests wishing to be cured, relax and entertain themselves in the heart of Zalakaros in a picturesque, peaceful environment with panoramic views at any time of the year.

Presentation of the accommodation

The apartment are located in the quiet greenbelt of Zalakaros merely 800 metres from the medical and adventure bath of the town.

There is SAT-TV in the rooms, the kitchens are fully equipped with a fridge, a cooker, an oven, a coffee-machine, and a toaster. Each apartment has a protected balcony or a terrace. In the well-looked after garden there is a possibility for barbecues, and porch swings help the holidaymakers relax and have a great time. Besides, footballs, basketballs, bicycles are available. In the locked yard parking facility is provided.

Our guests are welcome with home-grown fruit and home-made wine which is typical of the region.

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Veronika Apartment

1 apartment with 4+2, 1 apartment with 4 beds

Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros
Veronika Apartment Zalakaros


Spa, wellness, hiking, and Thermal-├ľkopark

Zalakaros is located in the south-western part of Hungary 20 air kms from the Lake Balaton and 18 air kms from the nearest town, Nagykanizsa. The 800 year old town became widely famous for its thermal water about 35 years ago. The thermal water, which was discovered during exploratory drilling for hydrocarbon, is of 96C i , with a content of sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate; it falls into the category of iodic-bromic medicinal water because of its iodide and bromide ion content and it falls into the category of sulphurous medicinal water because of its sulphide ion content. The best effect of this reputable medicinal water has been proved in case of curing chronic gynaecological and dental problems, post-treatment of patients underwent chronic arthritis, orthopaedic, neurosurgical and locomotor surgical operations.

The indoor pools are open around the year, besides the thermal pools are open in season. They are surrounded by a large, well-kept park. There is a wide choice of the pools of 4000 m2 water surface according to personal wishes and aims. Those who wish to be cured should chose the medicinal and thermal sitting baths of 32-36C i , those who wish to relax and refresh should chose thermal pools whereas the ones who long for active bathing should go for the tight-surface sports pools and the in-door fun-bath which was the first opened in Hungary in March 1999. With its 10 different water attractions and pleasant atmosphere, the fun bath offers great underwater experience. In the high standard medical centre sitting bath with CO2 blow-in, effervescent bath, thermal pool and Jacuzzi are waiting for our guests. Balneotherapy: underwater whirlpool bath, weight-bath and carbonic acid bath.
In this picturesque area all the beauty and attractiveness of western Hungary can be found, the landscape is a balanced variety of plain land and amphitheatre of hills. The flora is a green harmony of forests, boscages and flowery meadows, the excitement of which is ensured by rare plant combinations and protected animals bursting upon our sights. In addition to these, there is a special treasure which is hard to describe with everyday terms of everyday values, the precious gift of the boiling centre of earth, the 100 degrees C medicinal water, full of valuable minerals.

The rich diversity of this humble, Central- European area is the common and growing charm which make 1 million people a year to set off leaving their home behind to refresh, to heal or simply to ease their exhausted or sick bodies in this magic water of the peaceful environment. The memorable experience is complete with kind, smiling people living here: beyond the obligatory politeness which is part of their jobs, they treat their guests with respect as they learnt from their ancestors. This the understanding of their hearts.
Zalakaros - City bath - Spa adventure in Zalakaros, Hungary

The city has been building, developing and expanding the city spa since 1965 in order to satisfy your needs in every respect.
The main aim is to be the meeting place of every age-group within the family, and besides providing the wide scale of medical treatments built on spa water, we ensure recreation and refreshment by the thermal water of valuable mineral content in the Medical Centre - Adventure Bath block, where we provide families with energy and entertainment.
In the thermal beach, which is situated in a beautiful park environment, swimming pools of varied functions, from medicinal water sitting pools to a wave pool, provide every member of the family with rest, regeneration and great water fun. Come to heal and have a rest in Zalakaros!
Our treatments, which are offered as part of a cure under medical supervision, ensure the most efficient pain relief. Spend a long weekend in one of Hungary's most beautiful and biggest adventure baths, where bathing is not just an enjoyment, but also an adventure.

Unique water composition in Europe

What is the water of Zalakaros good for?
The water of Zalakaros is suitable for the treatment of the following diseases: locomotor, chronic inflammatory and degenerative joint disorders, nervous disorders, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, chronic gynaecological diseases. In addition to the previous, the water is excellently suitable for the rehabilitation and post-treatment after accidental and orthopaedic surgery.

Our medicinal water is recommended for the treatment of the following diseases:

Inflammatory joint diseases:
Rheumatoid arthritis / RA/ Arthritis psoriatica
Spondylarthritis ankylopoetica / SPA Locomotive aspects of autoimmune diseases
Degenerative joint diseases:
Gonarthrosis Neck, back and waist pain
Coxarthrosis Chronic vertebrogenic waist pain
Erosive arthrosis Before orthopaedic surgery
Heberden arthropathia After orthopaedic surgery
Discopathia After limb and spine injuries
Spondylosis, Spondylarthrosis Muscular diseases
Soft tissue rheumatism:
Bursitis Enthesopathia
Tendinitis Dupuytren contractura
Tendovaginitis Periarthritis humeroscapularis
Bone diseases:
Osteoporosis Deformations caused by hyperparathyroidism
Osteomalacia Algodystrophy
Skin diseases:
Psoriaris Chronic eczema skin inflammations
Peripheral vasoconstriction Neurosis, neurasthenia-autonomic nervous fatigue
Paresis after brain ictus, stroke After Heine-Medin disease
Chronic gynaecological inflammation / Adnexitis Post-treatment of sports injuries
Gout, diabetes-caused arthropathies
Our medicinal water is not recommended for the treatment of the following diseases:
Malignant tumours Open wounds
Circulatory insufficiency Hyperthyreosis with organic diseases
Contagious diseases Pregnancy
Acute inflammatory diseases For 6 months after thrombosis and infarct
Chronic alcoholism, grave cirrhosis Syncope (sudden loss of consciousness)

Reservation / Contact


Dear Visitors!

Reservation possible:
- by phone: (+36) 20/931-9299, (+36) 93/317-665
- through the booking form
- by E-mail:
- by mail: Pus József, 8800 Nagykanizsa, Takarék u. 13.

GPS: N: 47.15984 E:14.315186

When booking, we can satisfy your claims only after sending us a deposit. The deposit needed for the booking is 20%, or as it is agreed before, and it is required to be sent by postal cheque.

The apartment can be reserved at least for 2 nights. Newly-weds, and guests coming at Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter will be offered discounts.

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